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WAWA Welfare Organization

Musa Nikka Public School & College Road, Wana, Lower South Waziristan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
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Zindawar Schools System (ZSS)

WAWA has established 6 schools in rural areas. These schools provide quality education to more than 1500 students

In rural areas where government schools are not available, WAWA has stepped in to fulfill the educational needs by establishing six Zindawar schools. These schools operate on a no-profit no-loss basis, ensuring that education remains accessible and affordable for all. WAWA's commitment to education equity is evident in its policy of providing free education or charging very low fees from deserving students, ensuring that financial barriers do not impede access to quality education. A noteworthy aspect of the Zindawar schools is their focus on girls' education. Recognizing the critical importance of educating girls for the betterment of society, WAWA offers free education to all female students. This initiative not only empowers young boys and girls by providing them with learning opportunities but also promotes gender equality in education. By doing so, WAWA is helping to create a more inclusive and educated community, where every child, regardless of gender, has the chance to learn and succeed.

Total number of students studying in each Zindawar school

Ghawa Khawa
Faqeeron Kalley
Zairha Litta
Wacha Dana