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WAWA Welfare Organization

Musa Nikka Public School & College Road, Wana, Lower South Waziristan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
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Ummah Children Academy (UCA)

Ummah Children Academy (UCA)

Ummah Children Academy (UCA) was founded in 2011 in a rented building, in Wana Lower South Waziristan, with the goal of providing quality free education to children affected by war. In 2017, thanks to the generosity of the local community and the efforts of local elders, UCA moved to its own facility, constructed through community funding and self-help initiatives. This move marked a significant milestone in the academy's journey, enabling it to expand its services and accommodate more students in need.

Currently, UCA provides free education to orphaned students from war-affected families. The academy goes beyond traditional schooling by offering additional support such as free uniforms, books, and lunch to ensure that the students can focus on their studies without worrying about basic necessities. To further ease the burden on these families, UCA also provides free transportation services. UCA also offers hostel accommodations, which include free education, books, uniforms, boarding, and lodging, creating a stable and supportive environment for their academic and personal growth.

UCA serves students from Class 1 to 10, maintaining a strong emphasis on quality education. The academy prides itself on being a launching pad for its students, preparing them for further studies at renowned institutions across the country. In a recent development, UCA has started admitting female students, with 20 girls currently enrolled. This inclusion marks an important step towards gender equality in education, reflecting UCA’s commitment to providing opportunities for all children, regardless of gender.

FREE Quality Education

UCA offers free of cost quality education to 650 students including 20 girls

FREE Uniforms, Books and Lunch

All UCA deserving students are provided with new uniforms, shoes, books and copies. Additionally lunch is served to all students in the school.

FREE Hostel and Transportation

UCA hostel accommodates 100 students from far rural areas. UCA Buses provide FREE transport to all students.