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WAWA Welfare Organization

Musa Nikka Public School & College Road, Wana, Lower South Waziristan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
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In a region where basic health facilities are scarce, WAWA has taken on the monumental task of improving healthcare accessibility. We operate low-cost ambulance services, referring thousands of patients, including delivery cases, to cities with better-equipped hospitals. WAWA organizes free medical camps in the remote areas of Lower Waziristan, facilitating HBS tests, eye surgeries, and providing essential medical treatments. WAWA significantly works for enhancing local healthcare services, addressing immediate needs and promoting long-term health awareness with our campaign. ." جان ہے جہان تو ہے"
  • South Waziristan Health Camps
  • Eye camps and eye surgeries
  • Health and Hygiene sessions
  • Ambulance service
  • Awareness camapigns

Our Health Initiatives

South Waziristan Health Camp

WAWA is implementing health camps with technical funding of the Prime Foundation Pakistan. The focus of this project is on improving the health and immunization status of mothers & children. The project aims various high-risk union councils of South Waziristan Tribal District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) where health practices, immunization coverage and health infrastructure are suboptimal.

Eye Camps and Eye Surgeries

WAWA specializes in organizing eye camps in rural communities and educational institutions, focusing on regions where eye diseases are often neglected due to a lack of healthcare facilities. These eye camps provide comprehensive eye examinations and identify individuals in need of further treatment. 

Moreover, WAWA's commitment extends to facilitating successful eye surgeries for various conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, and other vision impairments. With financial support from WAWA, many individuals have regained their sight, drastically improving their quality of life. 

Health & Hygiene Sessions

WAWA conducts health and hygiene sessions to educate the public, especially school children, on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and proper hygienic practices. These sessions are crucial in regions where basic health information is lacking. By organizing workshops, seminars, and promotional campaigns, WAWA ensures that essential health knowledge is accessible to everyone. These activities teach participants about disease prevention, proper nutrition, and personal hygiene, fostering long-term healthy habits.

Preventable diseases awareness sessions and walks

Educating the public and fostering social awareness about preventable diseases are key components of WAWA's mission. Regular activities include community mobilization efforts, such as discussions with community elders, awareness campaigns in schools, and public awareness walks. These initiatives aim to disseminate information about the causes, symptoms, and prevention of c

WAWA Ambulance Service

In response to the inadequate health facilities in Wana, South Waziristan, WAWA has initiated a free ambulance service to support marginalized communities. Many residents in this region must travel to other cities for medical care, and the cost of private ambulance services is unaffordable for most. WAWA's free ambulance service ensures that those in need can access essential medical transportation without financial strain